The Lighthouse of Punta Sabbioni and Via dei Forti

Itinerary: Jesolo - Cavallino-Treporti - Punta Sabbioni - Jesolo

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A thematic cycling excursion to learn about the Great War, which will take you to the places where courageous men fought for victory.
It starts from Jesolo and then crosses the River Sile to reach Cavallino. It then continues along the Casson canal alongside the Lagoon on the Pordelio. After Treporti you will encounter the first war building, “Forte Vecchio”. A fort built between 1845 and 1851 by the Austrians on the site of a previous French fort to defend the lagoon. The fort is located in front of S. Nicolò.
Once in Punta Sabbioni, you will reach the Pagoda Lighthouse located between the sea and the lagoon in the extremity of the port entrance of the Lido.
From here, you can start heading back passing through two other historic sites of the First World War: the “Batteria Amalfi”, one of the most important military installations for the defence of Venice, built in just 17 months between 1915 and 1917; the “Batteria Vettor Pisani” with a 19th-century style and more lightly armed than the Batteria Amalfi with only short range howitzers.
The tour ends with a nice ride along the promenade of Cavallino before heading back to Jesolo.


technical specifications

Difficulty: easyLength: 48 kmElevation gain: 22mEquipment: MTB E-MTB ROAD

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