Brasserie ReNoir, the home of tasting

Unwind and spoil yourself with the refined culinary delights prepared every day by our chefs. Food is a culinary journey for all the senses. A fusion of taste, tradition, territory and quality. At the Brasserie ReNoir you will embark on an artistic and gastronomic journey.

Brasserie ReNoir: culinary masterpieces

Brasserie ReNoir is a place where traditional flavours are combined with innovative ideas. Everything results in careful research of food products, processed with respect and enhanced without them being distorted. During every preparation process there is authenticity and study in our cuisine, pampering you with the finest traditional Venetian dishes. Even the aperitif is a special time combining conviviality with flavours: an iced spritz that resembles the colours of the sunset accompanied with delicious freshly baked snacks, the ingredients for a toast full of colour and aromas.


“Restaurant Card”: Flexible dining times

We want your stay here to be a time of pleasure and relaxation. For this reason we have thought about offering you flexible dining times: you can have lunch at Brasserie ReNoir from 12.00 to 14.30 and dinner from 19.00 to 23.00. Or treat yourself to a delicious club sandwich and a fresh smelling pizza with friarielli (broccoli) in our snack bar. In this way you can be free to enjoy the beach until sunset and savour all the good things about the area without any time restrictions. We provide a “Restaurant Card” with discounts for lunch and dinner at the Brasserie ReNoir so you are free to choose what you want from the à la carte menu. Since dining should be a convivial pleasure. To offer an extra value to your holiday.

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