Cycling Experiences to enjoy between the sea and lagoon

Experience the charm of Jesolo and the Venetian lagoon cycling with its unmissable lights and shadows reflecting in the stretches of water for miles. An absolute must is cycling in the Montello hills through woods and breathtaking single track trails.

A cycling experience between the sea and the lagoon

Let’s discover together Jesolo, the Northern Lagoon of Venice with its unique lights and shadows reflected in the stretches of water for as far as the eye can see, and the Montello hills where we can propel ourselves downhill on exciting single track.
If you participate in one of the tours that I organise as an FCI Cycle Tour Guide, I will take you on an incredible cycling tourism experience on your bike in complete safety to show you all the beauty of the Veneto region!


Let's ride together!

I am Alessandro, the “cycling heart” of the Hotel Smeraldo and bike coach of the Italian Cycling Federation.  Driven by my passion for cycling and for Veneto, I did a course of study which allowed me to become a qualified FCI cycle tour guide.
Pursuing my love for travelling and for cycling, I have been on all the cycle paths of Veneto and half of Europe and now I await you to discover together the lagoon and its enchanting scenery, places which become even more beautiful with the amazing contrast of lights and shadows created by the bike, especially at sunrise and sunset. All you have to do is tell me how far you want to go, and I will decide on the route.

Cycle with me

My bike tours.

I decided to organise 3 and 4-day bike tours to whizz through the area together.
If you choose the “Northern Lagoon of Venice” tour, you will arrive on Friday, have dinner in our exclusive bistro and on Saturday morning, we will leave together for an excursion for Lio Maggiore with a visit to the local dairy farm and food tastings of typical products. On Sunday you can leave after a leisurely breakfast.
If you cannot stay away from your bike, you can choose the 4-day midweek ride with arrival on Tuesday. On Wednesday we will go for a ride to admire the beautiful scenery of the Mort Lagoon and the River Piave with a stop to taste some local delicacies. On Thursday, we will explore the Lagoon to the north of Venice by bike and by boat with a final food tasting session. Departure is on Friday morning.

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Facilities for cyclists

For those who do not want to let the bike out of sight not even on holiday, our bike facilities include:

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