Lio Piccolo and Mesole: the vegetable gardens of the Venice lagoon

Itinerary: Jesolo – Cavallino – Treporti – Lio Piccolo – Mesole – Jesolo

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An easy cycling excursion which will take you from the towns of Jesolo Lido and Cavallino-Treporti towards the heart of the Northern Lagoon, a place where the road seems almost suspended over the water. In the distance, you will even see the bell towers of Burano and Torcello soaring above the lagoon valley.
The route will take you to the square of Lio Piccolo, an enchanting old village consisting only of a bell tower, the church of Santa Maria della Neve, the Boldù palace and a few houses.
This part of the lagoon is characterised by vegetable gardens and orchards formed over time, especially in Mesole – from Media Insula, the balance between land and water – whose most important building is the Convent of the Mesole, dating back to the 4th century. In its proximity, there is also a small 17th-century oratory dedicated to Santa Maria del Carmine.
In recent years, the area has become inhabited with pink flamingos which can be usually spotted in groups in their elegant poses, reflected in the waters of the lagoon.
The tour will then take you back to Jesolo and Cavallino following the reverse route.


technical specifications

Difficulty: easyLength: 42 KmElevation gain: 25mEquipment: ROAD

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