Art & Culture

Besides being a beautiful sea-side resort, the hinterland of Jesolo is rich in history, traditions and offers a wonderful nature to be discovered. From Jesolo, you can easily visit Venice, the Brenta Riviera, with its famous villas, or the noble Padua.

You can also take advantage of a day trip to visit Veneto’s amazing nature. Within a few minutes, from the crowded beach of Jesolo, you can find yourself on a boat in the quiet Venetian Lagoon between breathtaking landscapes and the typical wildlife of the area.

Venetian North Lagoon

Nature trails and bike or boat tours in Venetian North Lagoon, near Jesolo.

Venice Film Festival

The Venice Film Festival, with all its cinema-related events and exhibitions, is held at Venice Lido.

Venice Casino

You cannot leave Venice without visiting the famous Casino for a night of fun, entertainment and culture.

Brenta Riviera

The Brenta Riviera is the ideal place for excursions among Veneto’s villas, gardens, parks, churches, fortresses and fishing valleys.


In Jesolo you can eat very traditional fish food.
It is made from chef with focus on fresh and quality of the ingredients.

Outlet Village McArthur

It’s funny do shopping during your vacation. In Noventa di Piave you can find “Veneto Designer Outlet” the city of shopping.